Institute of Spatial Design

Rechbauerstraße 12/II
A-8010 Graz


The focus of teaching and research at the institute of spatial design is on the  fundamental intercourse between architecture, space and light. Space, therefore, is understood as intensity, as an immanent factor that surrounds us, that interacts with us and challenges us to question the ordanary and the well-known.


The focus of spatial design lies on the things itself, on their nature, form and characteristics. Its about the space itself or the relation between objects and their surrounding space. Questions about materiality, surfaces, light, colours and sounds form the centre of interest.


The focus of spatial perception lies within the interaction between things. On the impressions, the dimensions and its atmospheric value. The relation of a subject and its surrounding space and the question of the possible identification ,a space offers, form the centre of interest


Light and space can not be seperated. Lighting research unites the aspects of spatial design and spatial perception. Light as a medium and its importance in daily life form the base of our discourse.

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