Assoc. Prof. DI. Dr.techn.,

Architectural studies at Graz University of Technology 2000 Diploma under Univ.Prof. Dr. techn.Arch. Joost Meuwissen

Continual investigation of space and movement, dance, choreography and lighting since 1992. On-going cooperation with uniT – a cultural association at Karl-Franzens-University Graz.

2000-01 Research assistant at Delft University of Technology, NL, Institute of ‘Landschap’ under Clemens Steenbergen.

2000-2003 Work on doctoral thesis.

2003 Completion of doctoral thesis “Spatial texture: developing spatialities” (Raumtextur _ zur Erschließung von Räumlichkeiten) under Univ.Prof. Dr. techn.Arch. Joost Meuwissen and Univ. Prof. Dr. Elisabeth List, philosopher at Karl-Franzens-University Graz.

Since 2003 Senior researcher at the Institute of Spatial Design at Graz University of Technology.

Since 2011 part of FORUM STADTPARK curatorship section for architecture

2015 Habilitation thesis ‚On the oscillating boundaries of Architecture _ Devices for spatial perception

Research Focus

Spatial perception and experimental design

Projects and Courses

Perception of space, VO
Spatial experiments Design UE
Architectural design courses UE

Tel +43 (0) 316 873-6486



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Franziska Hederer
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Franziska Hederer
Franziska Hederer